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Print making and photo printing has been around a very long time. However with the advent of digital technology much of the craft and skill involved has shifted to file preparation as opposed to the actual printing which is now done primarily on digital ink jet printers or in the case of metallic prints, a color dye sublimation printer.

The advantage of these printers is the ability to reproduce consistent results and thus ensure the consistency that a limited edition requires. The excellence of a great color lab is of course required for this reproduction (and I work with some great ones), but the preparation of the digital file that will be used is where the level of quality begins.

I have been working with digital photo files since 1990. Although digital cameras were not yet capable of any kind of quality digital capture, I was scanning traditional slides and negatives to work with in Photoshop and other programs. I worked as a photo illustrator, retoucher and photographer for many New York City Advertising agencies where I learned the craft and the skill necessary for the highest quality photo reproduction.

It is this experience I bring to my work today to ensure that the images I print for clients and myself are always of the highest quality.

All images are captured on high-end professional digital cameras (or film cameras for some older work) and are then taken through a meticulous and comprehensive workflow that results in a digital file that is ready for printing. All files are scrutinized for sharpness and clarity and no image will be offered or available in print sizes that I feel may result in any loss of quality or clarity.

All prints then go through a series of careful proofing at the print lab to ensure accurate reproduction. The final proofs and their corresponding image files are then held at the printer to make sure that all prints from that edition remain consistent from the first print to the last.

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