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On Begley Street 2

(originally published 4/7/2014)

Last July we looked at the start of construction of Ed and Rachelle Begleys new home in their attempt to build one of the Greenest homes in North America. The steel framing had just begun and now these months later the sheathing is being laid over that frame. Recently two new water systems started to be installed that will help Ed and Rachelle save on water bills as well as recycle much needed water back to the aquifer.

In this age of drought, having a greywater and rainwater capture system has never been more important to the sustainability of your home, but also to the community in general. Every drop of water that flows down a storm drain into the LA River, Ballona Creek or any of the other channelized waterways that leads to the sea, is water that wont be re-used or reclaimed back into to the aquifer. Every gallon of water from a washing machine that flows into the sewer, means a gallon of clean drinkable water will now have to be used to water that homes lawn or garden instead...

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