Winter Rains - from LA River Pix

If you have ever seen the LA River after a heavy rain you will never forget it. A few years ago I photographed it after a rainstorm and was lucky to get there just as the sun peeked out of the clouds and illuminated the banks of the river with a beautiful amber glow. The waters were still raging and some smart ducks waited patiently along the banks for the turbulent brown water to subside. Los Angeles River during rainstorm

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Glendale Narrows, Los Angeles River

The LA basin is an alluvial floodplain, water cascades down mountains, hills and storm drains causing the waters to rise quickly and dramatically. It is an amazing site to watch, but make sure to keep a safe distance as each year there are local news stories of people and dogs being rescued from the torrential waters that flow swiftly down the channelized corridor to the sea.

I recently went back there to shoot a more tranquil view of the same scene to contrast with the rain scene. As you can see, quite a difference in water level and temperament.